Hair Restoration for Men and Women

Hair Loss affects your Professional and Personal Life.  As you get older your chance of experiencing Thinning Hair or Male Pattern Baldness increases.  The good news is that there are more Proven Hair Loss Treatments today than ever before.

  • Non-Surgical Options include Rogaine, Laser Therapy, Propecia, and PRP.
  • Hair Transplant Surgery using FUT without a Permanent Donor Scar.
  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction);  Neograft, ARTAS, and SmartGraft.
  • Hair Restoration Surgery is more Affordable now than ever before.


Experience is the Most Important Factor Hair Transplant Surgery for Men in Florida

Central Florida Hair Restoration has been helping Men and Women with Hair Loss since 2004.  We are one of the few Hair Restoration Clinics in Florida that has a Full-Time staff of Certified Technicians.  Our Surgeon, Dr. Imami is Board Certified and has Hospital Privileges, very few doctors in Florida have these credentials.  We have surgery centers in Melbourne and Orlando Florida.  Patients from Jupiter, West Palm Beach, and Boca Raton will receive a 750.00 travel allowance.  Call 407-968-8836 for a consult and Pricing information.


Hair Transplant Surgery Options in Florida

FUE is a popular procedure for men with mild to moderate Hair Loss.  The common FUE devices being used are Neograft, ARTAS (The Robot), and the new SmartGraft.  These can be great solutions for Male Pattern Baldness if you choose an Experienced Hair Transplant Team.  Price means nothing if you are not satisfied with the results.  Automated and Robotic devices cannot overcome the Artistry and Technical Expertise that is required for a Great Hair Transplant.

FUT or Strip Surgery is responsible for 50% of all procedures performed.  Many patients are fearful of a noticeable linear donor scar.  With our Technology and Experience, Dr. Imami has developed a Hybrid Hair Transplant option for Hair Loss clients that need more hair than an FUE Transplant can provide.  This new technique allows us to transplant 30% More Hair at a lower cost compared to ARTAS.  There is no Linear Donor Scar with the FUT/FUE Hybrid Technique.


Hair Transplant Cost

Today’s Technology has allowed us to Provide Better Results at a Lower Price.  Our Hair Transplant Prices start at 5,000 and never exceed 7,500 for the largest procedure.  We keep your cost lower by not advertising and employing a Full-Time Team that was the 1st in Florida to be Certified in Both ARTAS and Neograft.  We are one of the few clinics in Florida that still perform FUT procedures.  Contact us to Learn More 407-968-8836.