Hair Restoration Surgery

Is the only permanent solution to restore hair loss in men and women.  Hair restoration surgery has evolved tremendously in the last 5 years allowing our Palm Beach Hair Transplantshair transplant team at West Palm Beach Hair Restoration to restore your hair loss with Neograft eliminating linear scars and invasive hair transplant procedures.

Men and Women in Palm Beach county and South East Florida have many options to restore their hair loss:

  • Traditional Strip surgery using Micro and Mini-Grafts.
  • Manual FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction.
  • ARTAS – Robotic assisted Hair Restoration.
  • Neograft Standard Hair Restoration Surgery.
  • Advanced Neograft Hair Restoration Surgery.


Traditional Strip Surgery.

This hair transplant procedure removes a strip of hair of hair grafts that contain 3-5 hairs in each graft.  The strip procedure is at least 15 years old and uses grafts that are not very natural.  Strip hair transplants do not produce the most natural grafts and require the least amount of skill.  This hair restoration procedure is the least effective in producing natural results, and will result in a obvious linear donor scar, you are not able to wear your hair short with this procedure.  This hair transplant technique is most likely to produce unsightly donor scars.


Manual Follicular Unit Extraction Surgery (FUE).

Manual FUE uses a non motorized 1mm round punch to score the chosen follicular graft, the surgeon or technician must manually rotate the punch to free the graft from the surrounding skin.  This is very laborious and ineffective.  The grafts are not the best quality, and transection is high resulting in graft that do not grow well.  Manual FUE is twice as expensive as Neograft, causing the hair loss patient to pay more for less hair.


ARTAS – Robot assisted FUE.

ARTAS is a new unproven automated FUE procedure that relies on technology instead of experienced hair restoration surgeons and technicians.  ARTAS is West Palm Beach Hair Transplantactually very limited in how much of the hair transplant procedure that it can perform.  ARTAS is only able to perform 25% of a FUE procedure, the other 75% of the procedure is performed by hair transplant technicians.  The average price per graft for ARTAS is 7.00/graft, 1.00/graft is being paid directly to ARTAS.  This really doesn’t make sense considering that ARTAS costs twice as much as the proven Neograft procedure.


Standard Neograft Hair Restoration Surgery.

Neograft hair restoration was a huge advancement in hair transplant surgery when introduced 6 years ago, it increased the efficiency of manual FUE and standardized the FUE procedure so that novices could perform a good hair restoration procedure.