Hair Restoration in Jupiter and West Palm BeachHair Restoration

Male Pattern Baldness and Thinning Hair is a problem that can be fixed.  Our Hair Restoration team has been helping men and women in Florida since 2003.  We specialize in Neograft and ATERA FUE Hair Transplantation.  You have many choices in Jupiter and West Palm Beach for Hair Transplant surgery.  Contact us to learn about Natural and Affordable Hair Restoration near you.

You can save Thousands on Neograft and FUT procedures.  We are the only Hair Loss clinic on the East Coast of Florida that has Full Time staff.  We have more availability and offer more choices.  Neograft starts at 3.00 per graft.  We offer 2 New Hair Transplant procedures for clients who cannot shave their heads or who have very busy schedules.



No Scar, No Stitches, No Scalpel, Just Neograft®

We have been treating hair loss in Florida since 2003.  We have researched the most effective and affordable hair transplant procedures and have chosen Neograft.  Neograft and New ATERA® FUE are the least invasive hair restoration options available.  Unlike traditional hair transplants FUE procedures do not cause linear donor scars or unnatural results.  Neograft and ATERA® are more effective than “Plug” hair transplants and ARTAS Robot procedures.


Get Your Confidence Back with Neograft

FUE hair restoration surgery is the most natural technique that can be used to restore your hair loss.  We are able to extract Follicular Unit grafts.  These 1-4 haired grafts eliminate the “pluggy” hair lines and “dolls hair” look of other hair transplant techniques.  Our Team is able to produce the most natural Neograft® and Hair Transplant results because Experience.

The doctors who offer Neograft in Jupiter and West Palm Beach are Part Time hair doctors.  They do not perform enough hair restoration procedures to employ a Full Time Team of experienced technicians.  These clinics must “Fly In” technicians and this raises the Neograft® Cost by 3,000 Dollars.


Save Thousands on Neograft in Florida

We can save you 30% on Neograft and FUE Hair Transplants in Jupiter.  Our hair loss clients come from personal referrals and organic search results.  This keeps our marketing expenses lower than our competitors so we pass this savings on to you.  The average cost per graft in Florida for Neograft is 4 to 7 Dollars.  If you can travel to Melbourne you can save money.  Call 855-953-9900 to Learn More.


How Many Grafts Do You Need

Our experienced hair transplant doctors will evaluate how much donor hair you have.  The extent of your hair loss.  The individual characteristics of your donor hair.  To determine how many grafts we can safely transplant during your Neograft or FUE hair transplant procedure.

The hair transplant process is very individualized it takes a custom plan for each hair loss situation.  Some hair restoration clinics in the Jupiter and West Palm Beach take a “one size fits all” approach.  This does not work and will result in a less than natural appearance.  It is extremely important to get an accurate assessment if you are considering Neograft or FUE hair transplants.  Contact us to learn more about Neograft in Jupiter or West Palm Beach.


The Downside to Neograft and ARTAS FUE Procedures

50% of our Neograft clients delay treatment because they cannot shave their entire donor area.  They continue to suffer the effects of Hair Loss.  We listened to our clients and developed 2 New procedures to Restore their Hair Loss.  Our Affordable prices solved the High Cost problems with today’s Hair Transplant options, so we focused on Technique.

Our Lunch Time Transplant and Neograft/FUT combination eliminates the “shaving” of your head.  This allows you to enjoy a Natural, Full head of hair without any downside.  The cost of the procedure is the same as traditional Neograft and lower than ARTAS.  We are able to transplant more hair vs a single session of Neograft.


Call us to schedule a consultation in Jupiter or West Palm Beach.  855-953-9900